Brady Campaign Light a Candle for Violence

Well it appears the Brady Bunch wants today to be a day where candles are lit to commemorate all of the victims of gun violence. In other words they need the light in order to make sure they dance ONLY in puddles of blood left by people who were shot. As a note to them everyone is an innocent victim to include the criminals gunning each other down over a $5 crack deal or the knife wielding scum who kicked in the barricaded door attacking a recently widowed 18 year old mother protecting her 3 month old with a 12 gauge. Other violence doesnt matter- get stabbed, run over, stomped to death, strangled, beat with a club, etc and that's OK! But if a gun is used this somehow is so much worse then any other way to be assaulted or killed.

The Brady's play on emotion- calling on candles to be lit to help save a childs life from gun violence. This lamost may be worthy except to the Brady's and their method of tracking gun death a child can be up to the age of 21 and no distinction is made between gangbangers killing each other and child accidently shooting themselves. And how will parents protect their children if guns are banned and only there is no check on the strong criminal or one armed? Also conveniently ignored is the recent incident where an individual with his "assault clip" Glock shot out the window of a submerged car, pulling the three children inside to safety before they could drown?

The Brady campaign and their ilk- which are thankfully dieing like a vine in a drought- want only to ban guns. They use the blood of victims (some innocent- most not) as a means to try and push a political agenda. One only needs to look to England for what they want to do- once guns are banned then it will be knives, then clubs, then rocks... If not for the Main Stream Media the Brady campaign would have died with a whimper a long time ago. They have no membership to speak of nor funds to do anything to affect the 2A- thank god. FYI, this info comes from the Brady's surreptitiously trying to hawk their membership list to spam emailers earlier this year where they had to release the embarassing details of their actual membership list and finances.

I would like to thank Weerdbeard for alerting people to this hypocrisy and getting the ball rolling. His blog can be found here:

Another great read is here at Gun Free Zone (I especially like the emasculation of the coward Collin Goddard being held up by the Brady's as the hero of VT):

Remember folks- the brady Campaign, Joyce FOundation, and all of that incestuous ilk could care less if you are killed or harmed in any manner that does not involve a gun. They are pro-crime and anti-freedom. So light that candle next to the tool that keeps you safe!

Finally here is my contribution- as Weerd states I want something more then hot wax standing between me and a home invader, spree shooter or mundane thug on the street:

Off to Appleseed shoot

Taking a break from packing up everything for the weekend long Appleseed shoot here in CT that starts tomorrow. It will be me, my wife and my friend from work, Angela. My son was going to go but bowed out to go camping with his buddies so Angela took his ticket!

I'm excited about this as I have heard an Appleseed event is excellent. While I have been shooting for over 40 years it is good on occasion to take a course on basic marksmanship since one tends to lose or get sloppy with such thinsg over time. I am also happy to have my basically non-shooting wife coming along to learn how to shoot her AR. Angela will herself be a new shooter and I hear these events are extremely valuable and friendly to new shooters- particularly women and kids!

Will right about the experience Sunday night!

Defensive carbine course with my son

Just took the one day course given by PFC called defensive carbine. I am tired, happily worn out and should be prepping my gear for tomorrow when I start combative carbine. However, I took my 17 year old son out of school for today and had him take this course with me.

50 yard zeroing, 4 different force response shooting drills, transitions from rifle to handgun, malfucntion drills, emergency magazine changes, deliberate magazine changes, and so on were the shooting portion. Prior to this were presentations on maintenance, shooting stances, the legal aspects of deadly force use, and a great presentation on "CYA" (not cover your ass but "can you articulate").

CYA is after a legal shoot- where even the cop there said your only response to a request for information or a statement should be "I want to speak to my lawyer first"- how you can articulate why you shot the perp. Saying "He looked froggy" or "he tried to mug me" is bad- saying "I attempted to retreat but was boxed in by the suspect, I threw my wallet on the ground and told him to take it at which point he pulled a knife and said he was still going to cut me. At this point I drew my weapon and in a loud voice stated "I am armed- do not advance on me". He then bent over and took my wallet off the floor and advanced on me stating "he wasnt leaving a witness since he was a 3rd strike felon. At this point I was in fear for my life and was forced to engage the suspect having no other option. I shot him twice in the chest but this did not seem to slow the suspect down instead angering him and he rushed me. I was forced to engage the suspect again to include the head shot which ended the encounter"

Apparently the latter statement given through your lawyer makes it much harder for a prosecutor to charge you whereas the former leaves a lot of question opne,

Anyway, my son did fabulous- I couldnt be more proud. His transitions were smooth, he consistently shredded his target and the instructors complimented him on his safe handling of both the carbine and pistol. When he said that safe handling was easy- you just mind your muzzle, keep your finger off the trigger, bolt back and on safe. The instructors stated that many "professionals" come through their facility that cannot seem to understand all that. They didnt name names but said they through out and entire SWAT contingent from a major city due to consistent muzzle sweeps of the line with hot guns, fingers on the triggers constantly, and so on.

This was an early birthday present to myself in having my son join me for his first tactical class. Daddy was proud. Daddy also had fun sending in the note to school for an excused absence and under the "Reason for Absence" I put exactly what he was doing.
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The next time you hear "The Founding Fathers never had to consider..."

Was perusing through some random sites when I stumbled upon the Puckle Gun. WHat is the Puckle Gun? It is considered the worlds first machinegun invented by James Puckle in 1718- that right 1718! The weapon had a revolving cylinder that spun via handcrank resetting the flintlock hammer and causing it to strike the fireing pan of the next preloaded cylinder as it came into battery. Since the crank action could be maintained in one continuous motion (i.e. "one trigger pull") causing multiple rounds to be fired with one trigger pull this does qualify as a crude "machinegun".

The Puckle had an unheard of firing rate of 9 rounds per minute where the average trained infantryman of the time period could get off maybe 3 shots if everything went well. So what does this mean the next time one comes up against an ignorant anti who insist the FOunding Fathers would never have written the 2A if they could have imagined "machineguns"- well they didnt have to imagine. One had been invented 58 years prior.

For those interested:

Concealed Carry on Post Secret

I am currently in a discussion over on the PostSecret forums over this latest Post Secret:


The forum posting is here- feel free to add your comments (pro or con). I just ask you keep it respectful and not go into histionics (this last is primarily for any anti-gunners that seem long on screaming but short on factual information). You may have to register on the forum to post:


A PSA to those bringing the GF out to shoot

So you have that shiny new girlfriend that you just made a deal with- Friday night you agree to go see the new Twilight movie and Saturday afternoon she agrees to go with you to the range for the first time ever. This is not only your chance to display your man creds but also to try and turn a semi-frightened, partially brainwashed on-the-fence anti-gunner to our side. As such please follow this PSA:


and when she says after one or two rounds that its hurting her:


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It's getting bad when the wife wants a CCW

So my wife of 20 years came to me a few weeks ago and said "I think I should get a pistol permit". While she not hostile towards guns, she also has never shown any interest in carrying. I did not really ask why this change of heart for a 65 year old high school English teacher with a liberal bent but I sprung into action. I found a real good instructor as I do not have the temperment to teach and I did not want to turn her off to the CCW idea by getting cranky and exasperated teacing her how to shoot.

Last week she went for her NRA pistol certification course. Her instructor, Alan Laidlaw, was just great! He made everything easy to understand but went through the full, 8 hour course mandated by CT. In the end she scored a 94% on the written test missing some minor questions on gun cleaning and parts of a cartridge but all the important safety and shooting info she had cold. Now for the cold...


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Bio-terro, AQ, and Warm Fuzzies

It has been a long while since I have posted but I read something earlier this week that set off alarm bells. It should come as no surprise to most that Al Qaeda (AQ) still wants to hit the US very badly- especially with a WMD if possible. As such I find it startling that the UK press published a story about an AQ cell in Malaysia which has apparently been wiped out by weaponized bubonic plague or a chemical weapon. *IF* this story is true we, as a nation, should be extremely concerned.



While many European new sources carried the above only a handful of US media did. FoxNews, the Washington Post, and some others at least gave it serious coverage for a day or two. I believe the NY Times buried it somewhere between the glowing endorsements of Obama that has radiated from its pages like radioactivity from Chernobyl.

If a chemical weapon is used against us the death toll will most likely be small and as long as a persistent chemical is not used relatively short lived. Also such an attack will be relatively confined to a very small area of the country. The problem for AQ using a chemical weapon is the same for a nuke- we will for sure know we were under attack. At which point I believe a truly pissed off America will scream for real blood this time of both AQ and our politicians. While the actual response would be unknown do not forget that America maintains a very public "response in kind" where we lump bio and chem attacks right up there with a nuke- thus we could use a nuclear weapon as a response,

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Gustav (aka Katrina, Round 2)

Giving credit where it is dues I am glad to see that the evacuation of NO is happening in a fairly quick and efficient manner. This includes having over 700 charter buses on stand-by to take people out. From all reports though the lines can be long there is no panic like their was in Katrina. However, it appears the government response is to get everyone out. There will be no refuge of last resort, no apparent law enforcement presence, but the national guard is on standby within a convention center ready to roll when Gustav passes.


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Texas Leads the Nation in Common Sense


All i can say is about damn time! Like a pebble that starts an avalanche this may be the beginning of more schools allowing those who teach our kids to also protect them if the worse were to occur. I would feel highly more comfortable knowing my child may be under the aegis of an educator that can do more then cower in a classroom when the shooting starts.

My wife, who is a high school teacher, says their shooting drill is to turn of the lights, lock the door, put a piece of black paper over the door window, hide along the wall where the door is so no shooter can see them, and wait for the cavalry. According to the "expert" in safety that gave the talk on this the above has a high probababilty of ensuring that a shooter would not target the classroom. OK- so lets tear apart this logic just like I did when my wife told me aout this:
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